Ergomax and drug tests

  1. Ergomax and drug tests

    I have read through the various threads about Ergomax and drug tests. As far as I can tell there is absolutely nothing to worry about with a standard drug test while cycling Ergomax. I was wondering if anyone has had a standard drug test while on Ergomax and can therefore confirm that it does not show up as anything else. Any other comments would be appreciated in regards to this question. Thanks for the input.

  2. Could Dr. D post a reply to this question? The test is for a Hospital job. I would like to be absolutely sure that it will not show up or cause a false positive for something else.

  3. I really doubt they'd test for hormonal substances unless they have a real reason to. As long as you're not doing coke or weed you should be okay. I had a similar concern in the past becuase I was on ephedra and I passed.
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    This may be obvious but I just want to clarify it for anyone who might be wondering. I had a standard 5 panel drug test during an Ergomax Cycle and nothing showed up. Hope this helps anyone who is wondering.

  5. good to hear

  6. it wont show up for an employment test. they test for amphetamines, cocaine, THC...


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