Cycle Info Need Advice

  1. Cycle Info Need Advice

    I plan on doing a cycle starting in August.
    The cycle will consist of ergomax, prostan and P-GH

    Ergo- 20mg ed weeks 1-4
    Prostan- 75mg ed weeks 2-6
    P-GH- .50ml ed (5 on 2 off) weeks 4-till I run out 3 month supply

    Nolva 40-40-20-20
    Rebound 2-2-1-1
    P-GH .50ml ed
    DHEA 50mg ed
    Milk Thistle
    And all the other sups I take daily

    How does this look to You guys any thoughts or suggestions

  2. not sure what pgh is but other than that cycle looks good. pct might be overkill on the antiestrogens.

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