Been reading about these lately, just wanted to know if S alternatives would have the same effect as AS. Which one would you prefer? I'm looking to get massive gains. Thanks.

  2. Okay you have got me on what you are talking about..
    I gathered that the AS is AAS but what is S alternatives?

  3. steroids


  4. If you are meaning Prohormones, then yes there are some that are very fine products. I would suggest looking at the nurmerous posts on Superdrol to start with..

  5. well i was on and came across the steroid alternative section( just wanted to know if any of these or other products are just as good as AS. also, is superdrol readily available?

  6. just my .02, even though superdrol is good, it doesn't compare to 'real' AAS. not to mention, the prices on that link you gave were outrageous. looks like a rip off to me. stryder (nutraplanet) is having a presale run of ergomax and from the feedback i've read on that, it's a good investment. JMO.


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