Losing weight too soon?

  1. Losing weight too soon?

    February 24th was my last injection of my test e cycle. My weigh in the next day, I always weigh myself on Sunday, was 173.2. Last Sunday, one week after the last injection, my weight was 171.8. I kept calories the same. I fear I am going to weigh in even lower on Sunday and I am losing weight too quickly. Is it one of those things where I should not worry about scale weight and just focus on size and strength and use those as my gauge?

    I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning to see where I am. If I am lower than the 171.8 from Sunday, would you suggest increasing calories?

    For reference, I gained 18.8 pounds during the 12 week cycle and almost four pounds in the first week. Could this initial weight lose just be glycogen and water? I just thought my weight would still increase like it was during my injections, but the one week I did not inject, it went down.
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  2. Any quick losses in weight should definitely just be water and glycogen, especially if everything is in check. I think you’re fine man.

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