Prednisone + muscle Loss

  1. Prednisone + muscle Loss

    Hi Guys.
    I have been prescribed some Prednisone (prednisolone) - a corticosteroid for some sinus trouble.. Anyway, I injured myself a few weeks ago in the right calf and now have a recurring nerve problem there.. I have been getting Physiotherapy for this and it is slowly helping.

    I have an upcoming all night dance event this weekend and am concerned my calf wont be able to hold up, due to this nerve issue.

    As such, I am thinking of taking some prednisone this week at say 50mg a day, to see if that will help stop any inflamation. Do you think this will help? What sort of muscle loss do you think I can expect to get running a corticosteriod for a week? If any?

    I am also thinking of taking some Tremal and Ibuprofen on the night to help stop any pain. Do you think these three drugs combined should create an environment that will allow me to dance without pain? Any other suggestions?
    I have checked up on each drug and its interactions, and I dont see any problems in that regard.


  2. your still going to damage your calf more though, getting rid of the inflammation isn't going to heal it, its still recovering. Idk how well prednisone would work for a nerve problem, you could go to a dr. can get a cortisol injection in your calf..
    heres a use of 10mg b.i.d. for hip pain..

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