ok.. wtf is going on.

  1. ok.. wtf is going on.

    so I made a thread a while back about my acne flaring up off cycle. I got bloods and these were the results
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    some said my E2 seemed high in comparison to my total T, others told me to get a sensitive E2 essay.

    so I got the sensitive essay and Waite the results. I kept breaking out and couldn't deal with it anymore so I took 12.5 mg of Armosin EOD for the week. my acne cleared right up!

    so the results from my sensitive essay come back and my E2 showed as 12 pg/mL

    thats insanely low. im confused as to why my acne cleared up when I got on Adex... wouldnt that lower my E2 even lower??

    heres my 2nd bloodwork
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  2. Weird. Usually high estradiol results in oily skin that facilitates acne. At those levels you shouldn’t be experiencing acne. One known fact is that dairy contributes to acne.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  3. So taking the aromasin did help? Im sort of confused; you first mention using aromasin and then mention using arimidex.

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