Shortest T-Cyp-only Blast (on TRT)

  1. Shortest T-Cyp-only Blast (on TRT)

    As the title says, I'm on TRT (140mg T-cyp and 1000 IU HCG per week, split into 2 injections each). I also have arimidex, but my E2 is fine at my TRT dosage. I don't have to worry about blood test timing, so that doesn't factor into my blast length decision.

    I'm planning to increase the T-cyp for my first blast (@ 300mg or 400mg per week, undecided). How long should I blast for? How long do I need to cruise after?

    I've read about myostatin peaking at ~8 weeks and then you need more compounds or higher dosage, so I'm guessing this is my max length. Ideally, I'd go as short as possible to reduce the chance of sides that come along with extended high dosages and to reduce the yo-yo effect of coming off (because I wouldn't be off too long, so I won't get as depressed waiting for the next time). Can I do 4 weeks blast and 4 weeks cruise with T-cyp?

    I know I won't get huge gains from 4 weeks, but maybe I'll get steady, modest gains which I can keep more easily (and invite less questions than if I was to really bulk for ~2-3 months)?


  2. Add some anavar in and blast for 6-8 weeks, you should recomp like a beast.

  3. Thanks, but I have T-cyp only and don't want to get anything else. (It's what I get legit via pharmacy)

  4. I wouldn't take seriously the myostatin argument simply because we don't really know if it is a significant contribution to diminishing returns on cycle or what can modulate its effects.

    If you are going to use Cyp, do the blast for 8 weeks @ 400mg per week. Unless you are truly a noob at eating and lifting, you should only see 5-10lbs of weight gain from it, mostly lean. There are instances where greater gains could be expected though so that isn't an end-all-be-all fact.

    Anything less than 8 weeks, you need Prop. Really, you need prop anyways and here is why. It isn't as strong as cyp but causes way less bloat due to way less estrogen conversion and considerably less anabolic activity due to its shorter life. The other main reason is because you need to be able to get down to normal blood levels quickly in case of a blood test. With prop, you may be able to get down to near normal levels in 10 days or less whereas with cyp, you'd need 3-4 weeks.

    Just read your above post about Cyp only. Just make sure you have additional AI's on hand and plan to not take any blood test within 4 weeks of when the blast ends.

  5. Don't forget other things like MK or something like that to keep fullness and muscle while in cruise mode.

  6. What’s MK?

    And thankfully I don’t have to worry about blood test timing. My doc wants tests once a year, easy to plan around.

    I know that a shorter ester will get in and out more quickly, so shorter blasts are possible. But I already have a baseline of the 140/wk from TRT so maybe not as bad as someone with endogenous T trying to start up a long ester cycle?

  7. Bump

  8. I'd say 300mg is way too low and I'm quite the minimalist but that time frame doesn't really serve the Cyp justice. You have arimidex on hand. I'd say if you really want to stick to 8 weeks (which is the lowest duration that still makes sense) then go a little heavier with 6/700mg per week.

    If I were in your shoes I would not even blast the Test and keep it as your base while throwing in some orals or legal PH's if you're really stuck on pharmacy grade stuff or whatever.

  9. Id try to run it around 500mg and ideally at 12 weeks. If you want a shorter blast, then Id consider test prop or phenylprop for 8 weeks.

  10. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I'm going to start at 300mg/wk for 12 weeks. I don't plan to add orals or anything non-pharma. I'm not doing this to compete or anything, I just want to keep making gains in the gym and get to my genetic limit a little faster. I think keeping it low means I leave myself room to grow my dosage a little over the years without adding other compounds, and still make some gains.


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