First sarms cycle at 21. HELP

  1. First sarms cycle at 21. HELP

    Hey everyone, Ive been researching sarms and would like some honest feedback. Anything is appreciated. Im mostly looking to cut while keeping as much muscle as possible. Iíve gotten advice from Dylan from sarmsx. He suggested I take rad140, lgd and s4 and something called ďTongkat AliĒ as my first cycle stack. From further research itís suggested I only take one sarm and not stack them together as that can be overdoing it. And Dylan says to stay away from enhanced athlete and just buy his sarms. Iíve decided I wanted to buy from enhanced athlete because I love pills instead of liquid. And Iíve heard good things for enhanced athlete and bad things about sarmsx. I would love hear a opinions about enhanced athlete and experiences about your first time taking sarms!!

    Basically what I think of taking for my first sarm cycle from enhanced athlete is:
    Mk-2866( ostarine)


    Iíve also been hearing of adding a test base and an Ai but Iím not really sure what those are. Can you give me recommendations? Should I add something else or take anything away. Enhanced athlete has an ai called Arim-RX PCT (Androsta). Iím not really sure about a test base, I hear it helps for lethargy.

  2. Don't ever listen to Dylan.
    Don't take SARMs or anything suppressive at 21.
    Do more research and plan your cycle when you're done developing at 25.

  3. I appreciate honest feedback like yours, I’ve heard a couple of people saying to wait til 25.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Themaninator View Post
    I appreciate honest feedback like yours, I’ve heard a couple of people saying to wait til 25.
    You'll hear that a lot on here and places where they're honest about anything suppressive. You don't want to permanently mess with your hormones when you're still developing.

  5. I’ll probably stick with natural stuff for now, I appreciate your help. Much appreciated!

  6. Dylan g, smh, the guy is a scam artist

  7. I'm not a fan of sarms but I'd go with ea over him all day

  8. Stop bashing her! Dylan is my favorite female athlete.

    Life is fair it's your expectations that aren't.

  9. When you do start using sarms. Definitely do not throw LGD RAD and S4 together in your first stack. All 3 are highly suppressive. I love LGD but Lgd alone will have you not wanting to get out of bed haha.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by hairygrandpa View Post
    Stop bashing her! Dylan is my favorite female athlete.

    This dude is a complete douche bag......

  11. This picture should be the automatic response everytime someone starts a thread or post based on his advice.

  12. Dylan is an idiot and a scam artist. What you have is perfect. Cut out alcohol and have a clean diet *2000 calories* and you will have sufficient muscle gains and considerably lower bodyfat. Run 8-13 weeks. You will get cut plus a fuller looker, if your looking for just muscle gains go with LGD. Get exemistane as an AI and a test booster product would be advisable.


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