Fight for your rights - DHEA Leglislation

  1. Fight for your rights - DHEA Leglislation

    OK, DHEA isn't the most powerful thing around. Personally I think it's fantastic, but it matters not.
    What matters is the government has decided to try and ban this again as well.
    What this really means is that this is a crossroad to controlling all substances. While they might see DHEA as a gateway drug, what it really is is the gateway to them being able to ban all substances at a whim. And all they'll have to do is point to DHEA in their legislative talks to do it. It is paramount that we all don't fall asleep on this one.

    We're all losing our rights to big business. It's worth fighting back. Consider the following link and post any others that may be helpful in stemming the flow of this ridiculous witch hunt.

  2. I filled it out and sent letters to our states 3 officials listed.

  3. Sent as well. I received a response about S. 722, which was the incorrect bill and alerted them they didn't even have the right bill!

    This all just sickens me.

  4. It starts with DHEA and ends with creatine and protien. People need to get active on this. Its only going to get worse for supplements as anything performance enhancing has become a hot topic in the media and therefore a target for politicians looking for press. BUMP!!!!

  5. I cant even believe they are trying to pull something like this....

  6. They eventually lost on epherda, they will lose this.
    f_cking 'elected' scumbags
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