I've always wondered..

  1. I've always wondered..

    So let's say your natural test level is 350, then let's say you do a cycle of just test E at 250mg/wk. The aas will shut down your natural test, leaving you with just the synthetic test and therefore, would this reduce your overall testosterone by 100mg and result in just 250mg of synthetic test? I suspect maybe I'm totally getting this wrong and maybe they are two different types of measurements for the blood test as opposed to the mg/ml that is in a vial of aas. But if someone could elaborate I'd be very interested. Stay swole! 💪

  2. If your test level is 350, then that is 350 ng/dL. This means 350 billionths of a gram per one tenth of a liter of blood.

    250mg a week of test is one fourth of a gram that you are injecting into your body.

    The way you are trying to compare the two numbers doesn't make sense.

  3. Yea like I said I suspected that was the case but thanks for clearing that up.

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