Ralox pct?

  1. Ralox pct?

    So I'm gonna be starting my pct for an andro cycle soon (clomid +kingsblood + follidrone). I picked up some ralox with my pct meds, to try to pssibly clear up some old gyno. Don't have a ton of hope since it's pretty old but it wasn't expensive so figured why not. Would it be something I could run with my pct or should I wait til afterwards?

  2. you'd be best served to run it solo, but well after pct. During pct you want the boost, and to reduce gyno you really want to crush estrogen (ralox+letro) which would not be ideal for getting back to hormonal balance. A few weeks post pct as well, your body will still be normalizing after the clomid wears off.

    My suggestion would be: cycle, pct, take 8 weeks or so off (or get bloods and see when things are stable/normal) and then do the ralox/letro gyno redux cycle almost as its own "cycle"
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  3. Awesome. Kinda what I thought but always come here for guidance

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