bpc157/tb500 b12 ok to mix?

  1. bpc157/tb500 b12 ok to mix?

    hey guys longtime lurker, cant find much info on this but ive got a shoulder and wrist injury and going to start bpc157 and tb500. they will be 2 different injections, BUT i was wondering if i could just double down one of the shots with my regular 1cc of b12 or will it ruin these peptides?
    i wont be reconstituting with b12, ill use bac water, but i want to mix in same syringe if possible. ill be using 30g 1/2 pin but if i can do 2 shots instead of 3 id like to

    thanks guys

  2. I wouldn't mix them

  3. Don't mix them but you could draw a tiny amount of air between them if you shoot sub-q?

  4. will it crash the peptides? i usually use 3cc for peps and use alittle air to push the final drops

  5. I've done it with GHRP/ModGRF and had no issues, it was recommended to me by someone else to carry less shots with me.



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