Best Oral Cutter Combo With MAST-P

  1. Best Oral Cutter Combo With MAST-P

    I have a few questions for experienced Mast P and E users. I'm not very familiar with Mast as I have only ran 3 weeks of Mast P 1 time. I'm looking for the 2 ideal oral cutters that stack well with Mast; 1 that stacks with Mast & Tren, and 1 that stacks with Mast and NPP.

    I was looking at Halo to stack with Mast P and NPP. I am decently experienced with Halo and I started to compare the Halo's effects with Mast P. In my experience they are very similar; both are very well tolerated, both give great hard gains for how little sides they have, and Halo can be ran a lot longer than most orals and Mast also can be ran almost forever. I then checked the chemical structure of the two and unless my notes are off they seem to be very similar in structure.

    My question; is Halo complimentary to Mast P or E? Or is it redundant or vise versa? Almost like taking a weaker version of the other?

    If Halo is not such a great combo with Mast what is that is commonly found like Epi, Winstrol, Trenavar, T-bol?

  2. Tbol gave me pretty good pumps, strength, and vascularity. That’s saying something as nothing makes me vascular. Lol

  3. Another vote for Tbol. I was able to set PRs on all the major lifts.
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  4. I've never ran Tbol. What would be an appropriate dosage of Mast E and TBol to equait to 450mg of Tren E? The reason I'm asking is a AM member pointed out that Tren might interact with my psych meds. If I were to drop Tren I would want to add a Mast E replacement.

    Keep in mind I respond to Mast E about 25% less than you Mast lovers, It just doesn't give me the hard cutts and weight loss, that my bros do. ppls bodies are diff so thats why I want to add a oral that COMPLIMENTS Mast E.

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