SD w/ Transdermal

  1. SD w/ Transdermal

    I'm currently on a SD cycle and its going great. Anyways a question pertaining to any future SD cycles, is it safe and effective to use BDC T-Gel and Superdrol at same time? I'm a transdermal noob.


  2. no matter what my age is, my question is still there, not asking for u to condone use or not, just asking if something is possible, effective and safe. thank you.

  3. changed my age, had typo from 1984 was supposed to be 1983, understand what u meant by that thread now lol.

  4. you sure it was a typo?

    anyway, t-gel and sd should be fine

  5. Umm...... t-gel, by itself, is of no benefit. It is a carrier only. It is meant to dissolve your powder of choice to use as a transdermally delivered compound. Do you have powder mixed in your t-gel? If so, what is it?


  6. I dont have any powder mixed in the T-Gel, I need to research more on how T-Gel works, but its hard to find stuff on banned items. So would I open up the capsule of SD and dissolve the powder in the gel or what? And would this be more beneficial than just ingesting the SD capsule. Thank you in advance.

    PS: I'm sure it was a typo. ^_^

  7. You would be wasting your time, SD is a methyl with high bioavailablility. Putting it in a transdermal would be a waste.

  8. Anything that I am able to put in the T-Gel that would increase my gains while I am on a future SD cycle?


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