traveling abroad in the middle of my cycle...

  1. traveling abroad in the middle of my cycle...

    Finished my first cycle of test susp+prop 100mg ed for 4weeks
    about a week ago, and I'm planning on my second cycle
    for this summer. Here's my plan:

    test prop 100mg ed wk 1~8
    tren acetate 75mg eod wk 1~5

    PCT will be ReboundXT + LeanXT for 4weeks
    beginning 3days after my last shot of test

    Here's my problem...
    after wk3 of my cycle I'll be leaving my country for 7~10 days
    to provide free dental care in a small town in China
    (as part of a voulenteer public service program).

    How do I keep my cycle going without taking my gear with me? Should get 2~3 amps of test enanthate and 'frontload' before I go? If so how many days before?


  2. Couldn't you just wait until you get back?

  3. why are you getting back on so quickly? give your body some needed rest long were you on before? after pct you should be off for the same amount of time....i assume your PCT is 5 weeks, so add whatever amount of time you were on to that and that is how long you should be off for!

  4. so i guess i would have to start my cycle around the first week of July then...

    I was trying to start my second cycle quickly cuz my first cycle was only 4weeks long
    and i wanted to fit my second cycle into my summer break..
    (I'm still student...)

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