On TRT - Opinions on first test-only cycle?

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  1. I've been transferred to a new urologist... that doesn't require blood tests as long as the protocol isn't changing! Now it's a question of how long I should blast each time, given I don't have to squeeze in as much as I can in a three month window.

    I'm thinking it would benefit me to keep the blast as short as possible and avoid the sides that come from running higher dosage for too long. I don't have to worry about PCT, so I could make some modest gains, go back to TRT dosage to stabilize, then do it again. I'd guess 8 weeks is the max length, since I've read that's when myostatin peaks and I'd need to add compounds or up the dosage to get more gains.

    So, how long should I go? And how long should I be back at TRT after before doing it again?

  2. Bump. Currently thinking 6 weeks on, 6 weeks back at TRT.



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