The incredible bulk

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  1. I have been pyramiding all sets now days. 12, 10,8,6. If I feel strong I'll go as heavy as 4 rep set. Im going to start fst7 soon. Phil heath style.

  2. Biceps curl - 90 x 7, 85 x 8, 75 x 8, 65 x 6.
    Seated row machine - 115x13, 125x8, 135x6.
    Hammer curls seated - 30x8, 35x6.
    Back extension - body weight - 10,10,10.
    Seated cable row - 160x12, 180x8.

    About 1 hour.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dvw View Post
    I have been pyramiding all sets now days. 12, 10,8,6. If I feel strong I'll go as heavy as 4 rep set. Im going to start fst7 soon. Phil heath style.
    I'm gonna have to look that term up. What's the reasoning?

  4. Feeling great today all through the gym and earlyish today. I slept for like 10 hours, which was glorious, and I ate well.

    I weighed in earlier this am at 252, which simply confirms that my weight is kind of bouncing around a lot more than usual and it doesn't really tell me much more than that. It was only 2 days ago that I increased the amount of exemestane, I should probably give it a few more days and see what happens with the weight but I don't feel bloated anymore and I definitely don't look as bloated as I did before. Without any real change in the scale though.

  5. Fascia stretch 7 sets. After you finish all shoulder exercises working sets. You do a cable exercise or machine exercise for shoulders with light weight for 12 to 15 reps. Goal is 7 sets. You flush so much blood into target muscle fascia stretches and allows for new growth.

  6. BP 113/73. That is beautiful.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by pswain1 View Post
    I would stretch the test out to 16 weeks and do 6-8 weeks of var.
    When would you start the var versus the last shot? Would you let the oil clear while taking the var still?

  8. ^^ I would. If you're running test 16 weeks then start Var at week 12/14 and run into pct.
    If one were to combine the exhaust sound of Audi, the handling of BMW and the engines of Mercedes. You basically have a Porsche.
    German Blood Pride.

  9. I agree with jakz.

  10. I can do that. There's a few opinions on it but that seems to be the prevailing one and it makes sense to me.

  11. Alrighty so I swear I cannot sleep. This normal on a test e or the DMZ stack? So tired again 3-4 hours of sleep...

    You know though I should be easy way more tired than I am right now with so little sleep. I'm short and I'm gonna feel it but it should hurt worse. I even took a benzos last night for the fast time in a while. .5mg clonazolam. Gave me the 3 hours but I don't even feel hung over from it. Like I'm waking up on a pot of coffee, but so sleepy.

  12. Tale 1500 mg phenibut. That will knock you out. I sleep very good on phenibut.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by dvw View Post
    Tale 1500 mg phenibut. That will knock you out. I sleep very good on phenibut.
    Yeah that stuff and me have a history. I don't line it that much anymore. You'd think .5mg of a potent benzos would have done it.

    Could it be a side effect of the cycle?

  14. Going to experiment a bit today. Alternate chest and triceps exercises throughout the workout. I usually mic maybe 1 of either into the mix with the rest but haven't tried this yet.

    Also I bring a hoodie to wear when I'm in the bench - I really get germaphobic when it comes to those lol.

    Inclined bench. 115x8,125x7,130x5
    Regular bench - 135x8, 140x6

    Cable extensions 57.5x10,67.5x10,72.5x5

    Chest cable press - high too low - 32.5(each hand)x15, middle high - 35.5x7, low too high scoops - 27.5x8,32.5x6,45x1 and hold it for 60s.

    Seated extension machine:160x11,145x8.

  15. Missed the skull crushers - 35x8, 40x6

  16. Ok back into blog mode:

    The decline bench is broken. Bastards.

    I also skipped cardio today. Reason? (this may be a bit gross but screw it I feel like we can all handle it) ....

    I think I'm good I've got some kind of an ingrown hair or crazy zit on my leg, about halfway up from the knee, on tht inside - likely from doing cardio in inappropriate clothing (like office pants cuz I forgot to bring my workout clothes with me). Face palm.

    This Things starting to drive me crazy so I'm going to go home and murder it with zit cream. Skipping the cardio today.

    Thought about doing the rowing machine since I have loose-fitting pants or probably wouldn't bother me too much, but I'm wondering if I do will I be going a bit overboard on the back and biceps which are hella sore today?

    In fact I'm kind of running into this concern all over the place. Ex: when I was doing the incline bench press today I realize that I'm kind of using some of my shoulders and so I should probably do legs tomorrow instead and then shoulders after legs as opposed to before which is how I usually do it.

    With my work schedule having been all over the place I've been kind of just doing stuff on some days and other stuff on other days. But usually all works out by the end of the week with every 7 Days me having worked out every major muscle group - definitely there is some variance and how frequently some exercises are being done.

    With my upcoming work from home schedule I think it's about time I sat down and properly planned out a proper workout schedule. Not just what to do, that I got. I mean which days for what, Including the times of day, in relation to my meals, exercises to be done (on which order), and the whole nine yards. Now that my life will be in order enough for me to actually do so.

    The new job gives me up to $100 a month for gym reimbursement which is like $60 in excess of what I need.

    I was told I could use the remainder to buy equipment for my house. I'm not even sure what the hell I'll buy but I'm definitely not looking for something unique that I could buy from my home. I've got TRX bands, anything other suggestions from you guys?

    I'm actually really happy that I'm switching it up again and moving away from the high repetition exercises to the low repetition and higher weight. I didn't realize that my max weight never really changed over the last few months of cutting and high rep exercises - maybe a tad less. This despite the emphasis on protein intake and regular lifting. It goes to show ( at least for me and potentially because of not absolutely perfect diet control), that a really lengthy 500 calorie cut is probably going to cost me some strength no matter how I work it out.

    It's going to feel good to start putting up larger numbers as opposed to larger repetitions once again.

  17. Size and strength update:

    That covers it. Feeling great looking bigger and the plumpness that started with my cycle is now gone down quite a bit after I upped the exemestane.

    So far I'm definitely pleased, and the lethargy that I had the first week or so from the sdmz has really gone down a lot now that the test is kicked in.

  18. space was a consideration/concern for my home gym, so I bought a set of PowerBlocks + a BB for them. They have served me pretty well over the last year.

  19. Finished up the night with 15 push ups.

  20. Legs and such
    Seated sled - 463x9, 513x, 563x8 - calves in locked position @ 563x15.

    Neutral dead lift? See picture. 135x8, 185x5, 195x4 (ouch knees) - I love this but it's more like a squat than a dead.

    Name:  1502053026379.jpeg
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Size:  545.6 KB

    T-Bar floor to ground - 25x bar weight - rapid.

    10 minute break for the back and knees.

    Hip abduction - outside - 170x11, 200x11, 225x8

    Back extension body weight - 20, 20, 10+10lb ball.

    The "throw the medicine ball in the air like your Jordan" exercise while my back and legs cool off a bit. 10lb ball ~50 tosses. It's like a coordation thing where if u can't do it consistently your getting too tired to keep going.

    When they say never skip leg day what they mean is I make it a damn holiday and build a shrine to it.

    Leg press seated (again) - 373x15 immediately move to calves same weight x25. 423x8 -- calves x25.

    15 minutes yoga. Vinyasa flow. Just the basics stretch the legs and back out. Almost pulled the shoulder stand... Getting close again... (Totally fell and knocked my water over).

    Leg extension seated - 70x12, 85x8, 100x8.

    Lunges gym length x4 w/ 25lb dumbbells each hand. (About 16 lunges one way).

    2.5L aqua. 1 RX Bar. 1.75 hours. **** hell to the yes. Where's more weights, I need to lift all of them and then have sex immediately. Actually scratch that I feel like I could accomplish both tasks at the same time (lawl).

    See i think this is where gear and cardarine endurance can really screw you up. I COULD continue right now but I know I'll hurt myself. Ok time for calories.

  21. Hex deads, love that bar

  22. Quote Originally Posted by JahCure View Post
    Hex deads, love that bar
    Glad I got a name for it - yeah I'm gonna dedicate real time to that one next visit - the gym just got it in. I'll make it a larger portion of my workout next time. Some dude was trying to do like an overhead press with it also (I guess to avoid having the bar come down vertically over one's head), but that looked awkward.

  23. I'm gonna talk about weight and sides for this cycle.

    So first off it's worth noting my last cycle was Epistane and Trest (TD). I bloated the heck up real fast at the beginning and really only lost that new found water fat towards the end of the 6 week cycle. So I expected some of that for this one.

    Weight & Diet: I started as soon as I saw 239 on the scale. I'd dropped more bf% but I was really losing strength during my cut, hence the idea of building muscle as the main goal here during this cycle. I'm trying to keep protein intake as high as possible but I am not one of those dudes who can pound 2x 45g mega chocolate stomach death shakes a day and go to the gym without pooping my pants. So!I eat extra eggs, chicken, and beef.

    My calorie spread has been roughly equal 33% with some variance but generally an even split. No booze, soda, cheap white breads or the like, almost ALL of the carbs are from vegetables and breads that I bake with protein powder (and use it minimally). Calories yesterday were ~3k, the day before about 2.6 and generally less than 3k since the beginning except on one notable occasion when we went out to eat. Calories during my cutting period were 2000-2250, same roughly equal split, which was working.

    Yesterdays weight was (get this I almost don't believe it) 260. That's 20lb's. This is 4 weeks. I feel like that is just not possible. I had felt bloating kicking in around week 2-3 and then bumped up my Exemestane to 12.5eod, from half of that number. I seemed to lose the bloat. Except I'm basically putting on 1/5lb per DAY. bf% is up 3% which is not insignificant at 250-260lb's, body muscle % is up about the same. Two scales (one 4 point body comp) and a caliper set agree, I'm putting on size, and weight, but between fat and muscle it's like an even mix.

    My current estimate is that 10lb's are split between muscle and fat, with the other 10 having to be water. There's just no other way unless I'm having some kind of strange reaction here to the orals or the test e.

    Are the SDMZ components (Alpha1,Msten,DMZ) known for being unforgiving with diet?
    I want to feel like this is mostly estrogen related bloat, but I also doubt that for 2 reasons
    1) I have practically dry skin right now.
    2) My joints are killing me (probably the orals).

    I feel like 1) - I would have more oily skin and 2) - I should have less joint pain if my estrogen was too high at this point.

    Should I recalc the diet back to maintenance try to adjust the cal split a bit more.
    Should I change or add anything? (more exemestane, try adex instead, etc...).

    Any suggestions recommended. I have this feeling that riding it out a bit longer I would probably lose the extra baby fat look on my cheeks and jaw near the end of the cycle (as it worked last time) but I don't want to ride out 12 weeks and realize at that point I just went backwards as far as body composition is concerned.

  24. So I'm gonna do two things.
    1 - reduce calorie intake
    2 - increase water (even more) and try to cut out all salt for a few days and see how things are.

  25. I found myself day dreaming in a way in bed about lifting weights. Lol.


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