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  1. I'll check that video which seems NSFW lol in a bit.

  2. So many antibiotics and little change. No temp increase or wbc cont. I go tomorrow am to the orthopedist. Actually Advil really helps. So I'm thinking it's not as bad maybe add all that.

    Who thinks I should level with this guy, versus shrug my shoulders.

    You see if I level with him I think he'll just blame everything on that charge me an office visit fee and send me on my merry.

    If I don't level with him he might chase this in a very expensive do this test than this test than this test kind of circle and not maybe actually get it the real answer.

  3. OK so the guy saw it today, did more X-Rays, an MRI, reviewed the CT scan. Basically his opinion is that I tore the muscle, and that over a few days afterwards blood seeped in. I think I know that the flesh there was already full of a full holes, so perforation maybe?

    Either way it's a surgical drain, cause it's a golf-ball that's not going anywhere on it's own. So Tuesday AM. Int he mean time I can't do jack.

    Pretty much sucks.

  4. Surgery complete. 2 hematomas. He thought one was infected because of the murky color of the blood. I get the feeling that was leftover oils.

    Anyways they made it a real freaking chore since I've had MRSA in the past, and that can live in the body.

    So I had a 4 day 4 night stay on IV antibiotics and 1.5mg of Dilaudid every 2 hours. So I was ducking out of my mind high the whole time. Lots of itching.

    There was some times during shift changes where they don't give anything for almost 5 or 6 hours which is garbage. So I got precapped Kratom for those occasions.

    Everything else went very well. No gym fun still for about a week but upper body exercises at home. Once the Staples come out I'll be able to start PT on lower body and I'll go from there.

    Upper body routine will start again at that point.

    I've decided not to stop the cycles, my girl thinking this is 100% injection related doesn't help. And she's not 100% wrong I really hit those spots over much.

    Anyways 3" incision makes Sr recovery longer
  5. Hold the phone / knee / pain-meds?

    Holy ****.
    I changed the bandages today without being under the influence of hardcore narcotics and I experienced the "not pain" yet "Visceral feeling of death" feeling. That's the best way I can describe it, like when you almost, but don't fall down something that would have killed you. The animal brain tosses some nasty reaction into the fore brain to basically call it an idiot.

    Hospital Stay Snafu - Part 1
    So a part of me wants to decry my experience as terrible in the ER but I did go through some crap that was not the fault of the Hospital who admitted me. I went to an ED ONLY facility, was given morphine, then poked and prodded, and sent to the main facility. After loading me up, and getting me into my new bed, I wanted more narcotics BADLY. I was in gritted teeth, honest to god tears running down my face without sobbing, kind of pain - I dunno 8.5-9/10? I was a mess - well they gave me TYLENOL bro's. Freaking Tylenol. Well anyways needless to say I was like lets leave, and readmit myself through the ER HERE as a new patient, maybe they'll treat my pain? 3 hours until the previously visited ED (Emergency Department, not Erectile Dysfunction lol), sent over my prognosis, diagnosis codes, Dr's Name + Medications offered. Apparently by law and hospital any-sue-us-protection-nonsense (ASUPN for short) otherwise known as liability protection, they could not offer me more until I had my previous physician's OK - lest it be Demerol they gave before, and now any amount of Dillaudid would interact and suppress breathing. OK I understand that but sh1t man I was about to start actually screaming, as it was the poor man in my room was telling the nurses too "Give him something he's dying over there what the hell" followed by "I'd love to get some sleep too I have surgery tomorrow".

    Well that got resolved. After the OR they thought the Hematoma was INFECTED. Well that changes a lot of ****, it means they did scrubbing when they drained, really cleaned the area out, and removed 5% of the total tissue qty in that part of the quad, that's gone forever, I'll never get it back. But they do what they need to do. Regardless doing this apparently makes it much more painful. Instead of 2 probe holes I had a 3 inch incision, stitches, and 2 probe holes with pipes going INTO my leg, and sewn in place. These attached to some kind of spring fed, circular suction device with a one-way-valve.

    The first dose of Dillaudid after surgery was WEAKSAUCE *(0.5MG/3 hours), but that didn't matter b/c all the drugs from the surgery, and the locals they used, were preventing pain. But a 3" incision, and a palm sized area of muscle that was separated from the skin to remove all liquids and flush well, were getting ready to become neurologically DOMINANT in a short time. Of course little ol me didn't know I was happily counting the second hand and finding it absolutely WONDERFUL, I gasped when it moved down through the 6 and back up ("Oh my god it went through the bottom, HOW'S THAT WORK"), I was awwed at how the minute hand moved before the second hand had completed a total turn ("WHOA DUDE that's totally crazy magn!?!?!"). I was SO ****ed up on whatever twilght sleep + morphine they gave me. So great mission accomplised by the OR doctors, "Patient will feel NOTHING". Done.
    ......... well that and the .5mg Dillaudid wore off about an hour later during shift changes where it took over 3 hours for all nurses to exchange reports.

    Post-Operational Stay Snafu - Part 2

    Well brothers here is where I actually did cry, I'm a manly man, my girl is always like "it's OK to show pain sometimes baby". I have no problems admitting this. Well no choices here I chipped a tooth grinding my teeth together I was in so much pain, grunting and twisting wildly in my bed trying not to holler. So my father honest to God gave me a rolled up hand cloth soaked in warm water to bite down on to save my teeth. I was certain a hot knife was in my leg moving around. He and my girlfriend were out in the hallway trying to wrangle someone, all of whom were offering a "we'll be there as soon as possible" excuse and then going to back to arguments and chatting. Meanwhile the roommate (Bless this man's soul) wheeled over and held my hand. He held my hand. Guys like a 60 yo Total stranger. I vaguely remember him saying something like
    "Don't you worry buddy this ain't that bad you're gonna be just fine, you keep crying it's OK. He got me to drink water. I'm not sure what else he did to care for me but that man was amazing. He was gone the next day and of course no one would tell me who he was, and my father and GF were not enough aware of his contributions to ask him that night. Otherwise I would have given him money or found something I could do to the man - whoever you are sir, you are a Gentleman and a Saint! Thank you for your random kindness, I am moved more than many things in my life have emotionally moved me over your dedication to your fellow man. "May the pleasures of life rain upon you and all your pains wash away."

    My father and girl came back empty handed and now +1 hour in pain the intensity went up a notch, I became aware of regions of pain - area's that hurt more than others, like the drain tubes that were sewn into my skin directly so they didn't pill out.
    ++ My responses often ended prematurely and I didn't realize I hadn't expressed my thoughts because they were deleted by pain, along with the notion that I had been asked anything at all..
    ++ I became less aware of many other things, like what happened earlier that day, or would be occurring later (gone).
    ++ I became less aware of background noise, the Television, or conversations that didn't involve me.
    ++ Oh and every 4th or 5th word of what was spoken to me was lost.

    My girl held my hand T+2 hours and I started to full on shake. I was starting to see lights, I wasn't totally aware of her anymore, and I didn't understand my father so I started to panic and scream. I think I hyperventilated and then I had a few back arching spasms apparently? Then I blacked out from pain alone.

    My Gods man I woke up so high on morphine later I couldn't express how happy I was to be ALIVE and how much I wanted to HURT whoever made me wait 3 hours for major pain meds right after surgery. That thought of revenge was right there, first thing through that huge dob of dope I was lolling on.

    Here's the scoop on my discharge:
    IV had failed before the shift change (blame game a bit?).
    They tried twice to get it back in, failed twice, so POLICY, says call another unit.
    That guy failed TWICE, so POLICY says grab an ICU he doesn't have SH!t he's busy dealing with, you know people about to DIE? He was delayed from you know, saving critically injured patients.
    That dude came in with a sonogram and went into my bicep. He got the stick in when I was unconscious. Then he left and I dunno if any of the nurses KNEW I was available for a shot or not. However they list that Dillaudid can ONLY be given by IV.

    You know what crap that is right? I've had it intramuscular before due to back pain, so it lasts a bit longer, but still kicks in right fast. Not to mention anyone can grab an IV solution and pump it right into the vein system near the coratid arttery. This is a bad idea, but being a dopehead told me some tricks, and that one is "this always works, everytime, every person". I'm certain this is against protocol however.

    Now this wasn't just bad for me apparently when I passed out, and my girlfriend was screaming and rubbing my face that she thought I died. My father was running around that he was going to sue the place to the ground WHILE he beat the person responsible to death if we didn't get help
    - so of course a nice police man came and asked my father to cut the threats or he'd had him arrested, and my father said "Let me show you my son" and the board on the wall even says "last pain meds at X oclock" the guy could see it had been like 3.5 hours and that I was pale, in a cold sweat and in what looked like shock. So the Cop did something and fixed it.

    I figured I would have had to been in the military to pass out from untreated pain due to trauma before, not in a hospital bed due to bureaucracy and bitchy-nonsense between the nurses.

    So two more days of recovery in there any they didn't miss a hitch Dillaudid was increased automatically to 1.5MG/EOH which left me permanently trashed, they gave me zofran so it wouldn't have made me puke or anything. I ate well for three days, slept a lot, had a bunch of FUNNY conversations with relatives. Some laughed, others were disturbed by my lack of awareness.

    Discharge Day
    Moving on to DISCHARGE! I started asking them to bump my down from 1.5Mg of ANY kind of Morphine before releasing me to an Oral medication, as the "Hyrodocodone 10Mg x2" which was the designated replacement to a .5mg Dillaudid (really, people really?) wasn't working. *(duh!).
    So they switched me to 1.0Mg Dillaudid E3H. Then to 0.5Mg Dillaudid E3H. Then a 2mg Dillaudid pill on the way out and a script for 20 of them. So I'm all set now!. It's amazing how compliant a sane request will be made by nursing staff. You tell them you want less opiods b/c they scare you a bit and they get SUPER happy you're not a junky now and will do about whatever you suggest - I came down with that let down pro

    Home Bandage Changing, Weigh In and assorted WTF moments
    Well I got that when I changed my bandages. These are a bit crucial brothers I warn you!

    Here's the picture of the golfball pre-op:
    Name:  LegHematomaPreOp_20171006_ER.jpeg
Views: 24
Size:  357.1 KB

    Here's the picture of the incision and drain:
    Name:  LegDrain-n-Stiches_20171012.jpg
Views: 24
Size:  56.2 KB

    I need to use Tegrafilm strips (like a clear plastic window sticker with the ability to peel off of the window edges later.) Gauze Sponges. Medical Tape. Ice Bag. I have one of these babies on the way, covered by (well reimbursed up to $100 by insurance): (Polar Tech Cold Therepy) I even got the attachment for universal part, and the lie down mat for like $40 on Polar Tech's website. They also have this for when you become mobile (battery pack - no link) and (Wearable Knee System -

  6. So as an update, I'm still alive and kicking. Recovering well.

    So here's the famous "Help" Post right? I'm more hurt than I've ever been, can't walk without a walker, almost 2 weeks until stitches out, already 1 week total downtime.

    Help! I have half a cycle left planned after this, help I want to heal faster (going with a bold-no-ester TD suggestions to assist).
    Help! should I pick up anything at my favorite peptide shop? BPC? TBH? This is a 100% soft-tissue injury remember, and b/c it was a hematoma I will not inject into the area direct with BPC (even 10 units).

    Good News: Blood results all looked well second day there, some mild case of Rhabdomyolysis at first, from workout and injury as expected. Liver values SUB 100 points (elevated but not much)

    So tags: @hairygrandpa @Nac @Brandinooooo @rtmilburn @mmorso @yates84 @AnabolicGuru @ = whoever, pls insert tag here. I can't find my list.
    I know there are folks who have come through worse, on/off cycle - if you can think of them tag them in here.

    Here's the recap:
    Linear Leg Press - 660lb's x 12 x 3 (roughly) - set 3, rep 4 I feel a "twinge" I have neuropathy in the leg there so it must have been more, stretched, everything was well, went about leg day as usual. Two days later it itches and swole up something crazy. Went to ER.
    Nice big tear in my left quad, fills with blood, becomes huge hematoma. Needs draining. Two nights before scheduled outpatient surgery, my whole leg swells up, go in for surgery right away as the hematoma has decided that going in is easier than leaving through the skin. Blood thiner. Followed by a day on IV antibiotics to be sure, then surgery as soon as I had no more warfarin in me. suspected infection (but none).

    Surgery should have been an Orthoscopic w/ 2 week recovery. Was instead CRAZY big 3" incision and 12 stitches and months of recovery (not yet specified). I'm mid cycle and have had SUCH great results before this cluster-F.

    What I want is general advice (Things to do, Diet, Peptides, Change of / use of Gear, etc...) :

    Existing Stack:
    Test E = 600/W
    1Test Cyp = 200/W
    Exem 12.5 EOD
    High Gamma-E
    ++++Anavar Finish on the horizon ( two weeks out, but probably postponed / replaced? for proposed Bold TD)

    Proposed to add:
    steroidL Bold TD - Dose TBD (75mg/ml) (Guessing at 1ml/2xday - for a normal run amount? 2x/d ~ 1g/w. Obviously 1x/d ~ 520mg/w)
    PeptideL BPC-1547 &/or TBP-500 (Doses? Usefulness at all? Which or both?)

    I've been mixing my Test E and my 1-Test Cyp b/c well 1-test hurts lol. SO:
    2ml Test e = 600mg
    + 1ml 1-Test Cyp = 200Mg. = That makes 3ML's. (200/100 per m So that gets turned into 3 shots spit across the week. I'm also moving the sites about a great deal more. I am not using the legs obviously at this point Since the Bold-No-Ester is a TD, no worry about it on that front.

    Bold TD
    As I mentioned I have some TD Bold - Integrity Brand - heard stuff about theirs. I hear good things about Bold and healing in general. Plus I feel like continuing the run through the PT and corresponding change in lifting techniques and actual lifts will be beneficial. Seated bicep curls, seated tricep skull crushers, seated dumbbell press - things that stuff is obviously in the cards. May need to start with machines so I'm not trying to carry weight distance, and see what lower body stuff they come up with in PT land.

    Cycle Length Increase
    I understand this will turn into a LONG cycle and that has it's own risks associated with it. I started with 16 weeks. Then expanded to 20 to allow for a full 8 weeks of 1-Test Cyp. I'm like in week 2 of that and here we are major injury. If I continue, even with Bold in total substitute it's gonna be a bit longer. That means I'm looking at a silly length of time. Now there's some HCG available if anyone thinks that will improve things. I have taken some each week since week 8 on Sunday.

    As for PCT I already have enough for a 6 week Torem + Clomid PCT ready to go - I'm aware of the risks of putting this out to 24 weeks. I want to finish this full injury recovery on the sauce the whole way through. I don't want to switch my body's hornones all of a sudden in the middle of a big injuty like this


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