Am I Ready For SuperDrol?

  1. Am I Ready For SuperDrol?

    Personally I think I am! Hi guys I just joined this forum for the simple reason that it just seems top notch with great members. I look forward to some interesting discussions.

    Back on topic:

    6'1 180 lbs 18(Yes I know I'm young) Mesomorph and Have been training for 3 1/2 years. My body fat is really low and I must admit that I'm in pretty good shape. However, I do need the SD boost due to some upcoming events in my life. I have seen some people being attacked for attempting SD at such low levels of experience. However I started low and now I'm much more enhanced naturally. Bench press started at 145 and is now at 275 ( it was at 300 lbs but went down to to a cutting phase that I must say went pretty well besides some of the strength loss) Based on the results many have gotte on SD I must admit that I'm really excited about starting this. 10 pounds will take a very good looking body that I have to one hell of a body!

    Extra info about me: Never have taken testosterone boosters, just the originals, creatine, whey, glutamine and BCAAS. Also fat burners like lean fire and Tetrazene ES-50. Never done any drugs in my life so I'm a really healthy person, only got "Buzzed" off of alcohol twice in my life. I personally began to mature really early in my life so I don't look as young as an 18 year old, more like 19 or 20.

    Again I'm happy to be a member of anabolicminds.

  2. Welcome.

    Now, read the stickies about how under 21 y/o's aren't allowed to post in this section.

  3. It amazes me how there is one of these per day...

  4. Here, I'll help. Here's a link..............

    IMPORTANT!! Under 21 Read Before Posting!

  5. lotsa new folk.......................... ...........

  6. Read this board for many more years, then do it.

  7. Thanks frank the tank again!

  8. I didn't catch that sticky, sorry about that, in any case I'll continue to read about it and go along with my plans. Thanks guys

  9. Good choice.


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