What is your favourite prohormone of all-time?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by brofessorx View Post
    You apparently didn't read my first quote.
    1-androstenedione and 1-andro-diol have both been banned in the U.K. for quite some time. On page 4 I posted a screen shot showing this, and provided the link to U.K. controlled substance list so AM users could check it before making (serious) inquiries to this thread. As those who don't check aren't serious an just talking out their a$$.
    i think that both of these can be found on the web in uk for purchase !


  2. Quote Originally Posted by tswede11 View Post
    i think that both of these can be found on the web in uk for purchase !

    Yes, I know at least two shops that sells clones of the original 1-AD with one step conversion.

  3. So they claim.

    Go Clemson.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by brofessorx View Post
    So they claim.
    so you think its fake labeling ?

  5. Antaeus Labs Mechabol and Triumphalis!
    I think they had some pure raws!
    I've tried both OL and LGI's versions of these and they just were not as good as the OG Antaeus stuff.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by tswede11 View Post
    so you think its fake labeling ?
    Who knows. All I know is 1adione and 1adiol are banned in the uk. Might just be straight 1-test or 1-dhea. Could be the real deal too.

    Go Clemson.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by PredNutrition View Post
    With us carrying a few compounds not seen in the USA we are interested to see what would be peoples' absolute dream wishlist for PH's to bring back into production.
    Nanodrol of course

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Chados View Post
    Nanodrol of course
    Still available

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Vikingbro View Post
    Still available
    Yeah forgot what I read. It was gonna be discontinued though they said

  10. Quote Originally Posted by brofessorx View Post
    New compounds..... Synthesizing completely new compounds....

    To this I tell whomever listens, please get yourself a copy of vida androgenic anabolic agents... look at the sheer number of different synthesis of test, dht, & nor-test.

    Then, look at the a:a data. And the huge amount of useless compounds. ( well, in theory, they haven't been tested on humans)

    This will give you an idea into the amount of trial and error it'll be. Even then, testing in vitro an in vivo will be different on humans.

    No supplement company is going to spend the thousands of dollars to do this.
    It's easier to hire me to find new compounds they can bring to the market that already have some data. #pimpingmyself

    I bumped a thread I made back in the day with data on di methyl trenbolone.
    It isn't banned.
    Well, after thinking about this for a while, what we need is gobs of data and statistical analysis to find common connections between certain chemical structures and certain results.

    I realize the daunting nature of this but we don't need new compounds, what we need is the best of the best compounds rolled into one or perhaps a combination of one, two or three compounds stacked together.

    For instance, finding out what exactly makes Trest so anabolic and what exactly makes Tren so good with strength and finding out what exactly makes certain DHT hormones so mild-natured and finding out what characteristics can be combined. It might be that you need all of the best stuff rolled into two or three different compounds and taken as a stack that gives ALL of the desired effects while negating some of the sides. Some might argue this sort if thing already exists - I would disagree to an extent.

    It would require us to understand the body's feedback systems far better than we currently do though.

  11. Have you guy’s considered making methyldiazirinol aka triumphalis? It would be great to see you guys work with Iron Legion to recreate Triumphalis. I never got to try real methyldiazirinol myself, but those who have seem to love it. @PredNutrition

  12. Phera was a good one sold over the counter
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  13. What is your favourite prohormone of all-time?

  14. What is your favourite prohormone of all-time?

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  15. What is your favourite prohormone of all-time?



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