less rest while on ph/ps??

  1. less rest while on ph/ps??

    i know i'm probably gonna get flamed for this but i was wondering if i could work out muscle groups more often while on a sd cycle. i currently do 2 muscle group a day allowing me to hit each muscle group 2x a week. i know some ppl mite say thats not enuf rest but i feel anything less would not be giving me results. i was wondering while on sd if i could work out a given muscle group more often, with only one day of rest in between. for example biceps monday and wednesday i guess that works out to 48 hrs in between. i know that ph/ps allows u to increae ur volume of workout without as much of a risk of overtraining but can i also increase the frequency?? i've heard that recovery isn't that good on sd so i was also wondering if that plays into it.

  2. I think you pretty much answered your own question there. If you've heard that recovery "wasn't that good" on SD, then why would you be looking to *increase* your frequency while taking it? Don't get all confused into thinking that this is some sort of thing where you can not overtrain just because you're taking it.

    If you really want to know the answer, do this. Be VERY precise, and right down EVERYTHING that you do (exact lifts, weight every single day, FOOD INTAKE every single day, etc), and run 2 cycles. One run with the increased volume/frequency, take the proper time off, and then run one like you normally do your lifting, and see which gives you better results.

    Personally, I think the one with LESS volume and frequency will give you better results.

    (now that I've given you my response, please man, "u" and "ur" are not words, and only hurt my brain to have to look at that :P )

  3. i thought because of the increased testosterone levels u were at less of a risk of overtraining atleast with increased volume

  4. bump curious on this also. Usually on androgens you have much faster and greater

  5. SD increased recovery and reduced DOMS significantly for me.
    This is one reason why i love this compound.

  6. My belief is that you need more rest/sleep to maximize gains. That said, I usually don't sleep as well or as much. Damn....

  7. It is my understanding that AAS increase protein synthesis and nutrient/glycogen utilization very significantly. Though we experience an increase in output and recovery via the ability to increase training loads and frequency, we can actually grow more with less training. I am not going to get the research to back this up (short for time), but it is my understanding, that generally, steroids give us the ability to grow more with equal or less training frequency and increased rest and recovery periods. My experince has been that any reduction in frequency followed with subsequent increase in rest and recovery has at least not hindered my gains, and at the most increased my output and load capacity during periods of training. JMHO.


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