customs question

  1. customs question

    going to order soon from a very reputable source..
    just want to know should i be worring about customs??

    he offers 100% refund if you sign for the package and a 30% if theres no signature..

    just a little worried never ordered from overseas always kept it domestic..

    help me out

  2. You are 21 and have "always kept it domestic"?

    What the hell are you doing using gear now anyways? Or PH's for that matter.

  3. first off what the hell r u talking 25 years old just like yourself turning 26 in 2 weeks... just because i filled the thing out fast doesnt mean anything..
    r u going to help my question or bother me with your stupid remarks because you dont know the answer???

  4. Get the age right, or you will be flamed. Plain and simple.

    I know there is a thread about this in the anabolics section. Cuffs replied with some great advice.

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