Quick advice on 1AD/M4AD cycle in 10 days

  1. Quick advice on 1AD/M4AD cycle in 10 days

    I really need your help guys.....

    I have posted a thread on bb.com but did not get a whole lot of feedback
    from the questions I asked. I will be starting a cycle of 1AD/M4AD and after
    reading all the previous threads on M4AD I still have a few remaining questions.
    I am 24 yrs. old and a lot lighter than those who have used it as I currently
    weigh at 155lbs. (ecto) with 8-9 % bf.

    I have posted here before so I am not going to get into the whole diet requirments.
    First to add, I already have the M4AD (transdermal) so therefore I will be using it;
    as I will be starting in 10 days time. There is only one way to find out if its effective
    and that by trying it; just want to take the percausions. (I hope I don't get sh*t on
    for trying the M4AD as most do not agree with it; or understand the purpose of the methyl
    content I should add. But I bought it so therefore I plan on using it.)

    I believe I am only the second person on this forum who is stacking the M4AD with 1AD
    so I do not know a whole lot of information regarding the combination of these two
    compounds other than its a lot safer than stacking it with M1T. To my understanding most
    if not all of the people here who have used M4AD have cycled it 2 weeks on and two off;
    is this mandatory? My cycle runs for a 5 week period so I am unsure if I should take
    2 weeks on , 2 off, 2 on, 2 off, 1 on, and 1 off; or
    if I can run the whole 5 week cycle? My original cycle was as followed:

    Brands are Ergopharm 1AD / LG 4AD+

    Milk thistle 2 weeks prior (currently taking)

    week 1-3

    1AD @ 300mgs.
    M4AD @ 4ml (2 squirts a day: 12 hrs. apart)

    week 4-5

    1AD @ 400mgs.
    M4AD @ 6ml (3 squirts a day: 2 in AM (b4 workout) and 1 in PM)

    PCT: I was planning on using the same as Longdog's.....

    Nolva @ 40, 20, 20
    6OXO @ 300 mgs.

    Supplements added are: Milk Thistle, NAC, possibly R-ALA (if needed), Swole V2, ZMA, Trib
    3 weeks

    Please feel free to comment if you think that I should run the PCT for longer. I have 100 tabs of
    Nolva @ 10 mgs. each & 2 bottles of 6OXO. I have always heard great things about combining the
    two together; but I am open to your ideas aswell.

    I would really appreciate any feeback or suggestions you may have to offer. This is my first cycle
    so I wanted to ask from the best. I have always trusted judgement from this form and this is why
    I am asking you.




  2. Since nobody can answer my question can somebody
    at least tell me where I may be able to get feeback?

  3. It's not that nobody wants to answer your questions, it's just not too many people on this board were dumb enough to use m4ad.
    And you want to use it transdermal? (shakes my head) I don't think anybody will help you with that.

  4. Thank you DmitryWI for your reply. Without a doubt
    I know that you have a wider range of experience with
    ph's then I do; so I am in the process of selling the bottle
    and go with 4AD orals. I am trying not to stress but I
    was suppose to start on the 1st of June which now may get
    pushed back a bit.

    Better safe than sorry. Thank you very much for your reply.

  5. There ya go. Throw that **** away and run 1-ad/4-ad. It will do you much better.


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