Fat gain while on PH

  1. Fat gain while on PH

    I am going to start a 1ad/4ad cycle in about two weeks and am currently cutting. My question is as follows: What kind of fat gain can be expected while bulking cleanly on this type of cycle? Is it all up to the individual int erms of how much weight gained, or is there anything I can do precycle to keep the chances down? I know that with a greater amount of fat that exists on the body pre cycle more fat can be expected to be gained during the bulk, but is that the only other influence?

    One other question. I purchased my PH's before the ban and only have enough for one cycle. I can either do the cycle on the higher recommended dosages (400-600 1AD and 800-900 4AD) or cut that in half and do two 6 week cycles. This will be my first time ever having done a PH of any kind other than taking Rebound XT for Gyno for a couple weeks now. Any suggestions?

  2. Week 1: 300mg 1AD, 600mg 4AD
    Week 2: 600mg 1AD, 900mg 4AD
    Week 3: 600mg 1AD, 900mg 4AD
    Week 4: 600mg 1AD, 900mg 4AD
    Week 5: 600mg 1AD, 900mg 4AD
    Week 6: 600mg 1AD, 900mg 4AD
    Week 7-Day 1 Only: Clomid 300mg, Nolva 40mgs
    Week 7: Clomid 100mg, Nolva 40mg, Tribulus
    Week 8: Clomid 50mg, Nolva 30mg, Tribulus
    Week 9: Nolva 20mg, 6OXO 600mg, Tribulus
    Week 10: 6OXO 300mg, Tribulus

    I just got done doing this cycle and Im currently finishing my last week of PCT. In all honesty you probably have the potential to put on close to 20lbs, but in reality you will most likely gain around 12-15 and keep about 10lbs. I kept 10 lbs and 80% of my strength increases when I was 3 weeks out of my cycle. My body fat rose from around 12% to 16%. I started to develop a little gyno towards the end of my cycle becuase of the high 4ad dosages so I ended early and hit the nolva hard. I stopped it and reversed any signs I had. I started at 178lbs and ended at 192lbs. I am have started cutting and am now hovering around 186lbs. I was very happy with this cycle. Remember, the idea on cycle is to be fat and happy, eat and eat and eat, its the only way to gain weight. Eat the right foods to try and stay as lean as possible. Lots of protein, flax oil, and oatmeal with natty peanut butter. Best of luck to you.

  3. Thanks very much. That is my real concern on this cycle. I really have no problems gaining strength as I have a large frame to begin with. My body fat certainly isn't where I would like it to be, especially because i hold ALL of my body fat in the stomach/chest regions. In an ideal world, I would continue cutting for another 3 months to get rid of every ounce of fat I had, but I have to get ready for my fall sport and am simply tired of eating low carb.

    Also, can I PCT with just rebound XT/ I have read that it is even better than nolva and Im not sure if I have access to clomid as I've never tried before.

  4. RXT should be fine for that type of a cycle. Oh, and Clomid is available at quite a few research chem sites. Just go to one of the board sponsor sites if you feel clomid is necessary.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Anarchy939
    RXT should be fine for that type of a cycle. Oh, and Clomid is available at quite a few research chem sites. Just go to one of the board sponsor sites if you feel clomid is necessary.
    Sounds good. Is there anything I can do to lose some of the excess BF while on the cycle? I don't want to sacrifice muscle gain necessarily, but losing some extra fat would be great. Also, as a side note, I feel a lot puffier/fatter after one of my carb up days on a keto diet... anyone else get this/ Is it psychological or physio?



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