Most effective time to take SD

  1. Most effective time to take SD

    Okay, I've been reading these boards a lot now, and I still haven't found this answer. I have all the supplies I need for my on cycle and PCT right now and I'm wondering should I take SD in the morning before workout or after? Or when I start to take 20mg should I split it up? Helps appreciated thanks.

  2. If your just doing 10mg I prefer to take before bed. When you increase dosage then spilt up evenly during the day. Before or after workout isn't going to matter.

  3. Thank you VERY much. I may start a log because tonight is gonna be my first day.

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  5. when would u take the other supplement such as milk thistle and nac and rry. should i take the milk thistle with my sd. i plan on taking 700 mg should i split that up twice a day??? and should i split my NAC 100 mg dose up too?? and should i take teh milk thistle and nac at the same time?

  6. Theres no real problem with taking them together but as a habit I tend to spread my stuff out throughout the day. If you can do that I would say it's they way to go.

  7. Should I make a new thread about my SD log or just post it in here. Today was my first day with it.


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