Poll: What dbol do you prefer...naps, hearts, or thais??


  1. Lightbulb NAPS, B-HEARTS, or PINK THAIS???

    Wanna get some dbol again here soon and since I've never used human grade tabs, I need a bit of help deciding which is best. So what do you guys like best naposim, pink thais, or blue hearts? What were your experiences with 'em...THX

  2. i've always thought this question was odd. which dbol's are better? 50mg's of dbol is 50mg's dbol. i've heard some people say naps are stronger but that doesn't make any sense to me. if they're stronger, then either they're overdosed or the other stuff is underdosed. JMO.

    no offense intended lifted.

  3. I understand beelz. But from all the logs, info, etc. that I've gathered on the different human grade tabs, quality seems to vary greatly within the actual compound itself. Weird, I know, but this just seems to be the norm. Some say that there are different purities, different manufacturing processes, and different holding practices. These all can contribute to the end quality of the drug. So say one has better practices/processes/QC than another brand...well you would have to take more mg's of the crappier brand to achieve the same effect of the better brand....and then along with upping doses, comes more sides....see what I mean?? Anyways, I just thought this would help me in deciding as they all are costing me the exact same price....kinda hard to pick.

  4. with all the fake pink thai's out there, unless you have a very trusted source, I wouldn't bother them them.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by UNDERTAKER
    with all the fake pink thai's out there, unless you have a very trusted source, I wouldn't bother them them.
    Thx for the heads up, but I have no worries my friend.

  6. I can say that the new naps are STRONG. Some people have reported nosebleeds at 10-20mg/day.
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  7. It basically comes down to an overdosed/underdosed issue of quality here. I would go with naps, seems like most people agree this is the "best" dbol.

  8. Naps, legit thais, and white russians are all WELL dosed


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