im 21, low test levels?

  1. Unhappy im 21, low test levels?

    Hi, im 21, i have been lifting for about 3 years, and I think I might have low natural test levels, because I havn't really made any progress in my lifting in awhile, and my libido has been really low like the last 6 months or so, its been hard to get erections, and when i do, they dont last very long at all unless i am getting head or something. its really frustrating when im with a girl and were doing things, and the **** won't work right. but im only 21, why in the hell would i have low test already? i have never used steroids or pro hormones or anything of that nature. is there any way to tell if u have low test? but neways guys, let me kno what u think, all advice is welcome. love the site btw, and if this thread is in the wrong place, im sorry. thanx guys. peace.

  2. Are you overtraining? What does your diet look like?


  3. Best way to know is to go to a family doc. and tell them what you told us, and ask for a comprehensive blood test including total and free testosterone. Your insurance should pay for all of it.

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