my clomid: is it safe for oral use?

  1. my clomid: is it safe for oral use?

    I ordered clomiphene citrate from a place called pump n'pose and was wondering if anyone had any experience with their clomid, and if it is safe to ingest, as it says do not use IM. Although it looks like it was meant to be pinned..

  2. clomid is meant to be taken orally, never heard of anyone injecting it. and yeah, pump n' pose is good.

  3. Not sure why you'd want to pin clomid.....

  4. sorry about the misconception. I just did a little more reading on clomid *slaps self in the face* I just had never used clomid before.. I had always used either Nolva or OTC pct products (rxt, 6-oxo, etc.)

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