4ad cycle by itself On A Cut?!?!?!?

  1. 4ad cycle by itself On A Cut?!?!?!?

    I am currently 193 pounds (down from 203) @ about 14% BF. I am going to cut until I reach 8-10%. I am getting very depressed with my loss of size, and I have a bottle of transderman Legal Gear 4-AD sitting here collecting dust. I have never done a PH cycle, though I am planning on doing one during my next bulking phase. But I was going to add in this 4-AD by itself while I'm cutting to keep some size and hopefully add some strength and LBM.

    Based on my size, experience, and goals, how should I run this 4-AD, and what should I do for PCT? I know it'll probably be a 4-6 week cycle, and I know I'll need 6-oxo for PCT, but what doses should I run, and what else should I add into the mix? Also what can I expect from this cycle based on what you know? Should I have blood work done before and after and should I use a liver protector even though it's topical?



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    You should always get blood work when messing with your hormones....it's not just for methyl cycles....you CAN cut with the 4AD (like cutting with test)....but I wouldn't. If you are losing as much muscle as you say you are look into your diet first, you may be cutting too extreme too fast, which is usually the case. Once you have everything in check look into something like Max LMG to cut with. Good luck!

    Please try to wait longer than a few hours for a response as well....it will eventually get answered by either doign a search or by waiting for someone to answer!

  3. so if it can be done, why wouldn't u do it?

  4. Because your diet is 80% of everything. I don't see it as a big deal doing it, but if your diet isn't in check, it can be somewhat pointless.

  5. my diet is very good. i am pretty seasoned and i know my body pretty well. i simply want to use the 4-ad as an added boost. plus i gain muscle easily so im thinking i may even be able to build a little lean mass while cutting.

  6. Then go for it dude but you might want to post up your diet here anyway if you have lost that much LMB during the cut so far. Let the experts see if there is any tweaking that will help you.

  7. i am doing sort of a zig-zag diet. every 7 days i avg. out to 2000-2100 cals per day. so one day i eat 2600, one day i eat 2000, one day i eat 1600. just depends. but i havent lost all that much LBM. i was kinda goin over the top about that. i get depressed when i lose any LBM or strength.

    my diet is mostly

    cytosport whey
    crispix cereal
    cottage cheese
    scrambled eggs
    skim milk
    natty peanut butter
    black coffee

  8. If you're gonna do it, keep the dose low. It's very easy to gain fat on 4AD. Also, don't pay too much attention to the scale because you will likely gain some water weight.

    I am in the same situation now but it's because I'm not getting enough protein and my cals are at around 1900 per day. However I have a high enough bf (22%) that losing muscle within reason is not that big of a deal. I am gonna do a lean bulk in the fall. Yeah it's depressing losing half the muscle and strength from my last bulk, but hey, nobody wants to be a fatbody. You might want to try some simple sugars before and after your workout. The extra energy and enhanced recovery more than make up for the calories IMO.

  9. Not to change the subject, but if you have your diet very close to perfect do you still lose strength and some muscle during cutting. I am just wondering if lets say Bobo loses any strength when he cuts? My question is for people who are cutting without chemical assistance.

    I lose strength but my diet is not perfect.
    Thanks SeaHawk22

  10. Good question. Why don't you start a new thread, maybe in the nutrition section. I would love to hear people's replies.


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