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    okay so I've done two injections so far...first of which was in the Glueteus Maximus, it didnt hurt much injecting or right after but the next 3 days it was sore (like bruised feeling) for the second time I injected into the Gluteus Medius (aka ventrogluteal intramuscular injection) this one hurt when injecting and like a bitch for the following 5-10 minutes...but the day after I could barely feel it...the glute maximus I feel more comfortable with cause I have a lot of muscle to put the pin into while the other one it's a smaller not so thick area...anyways, what do you guys prefer and how much do I pull back when I first stick it in...?

  2. I'm surprised ventrogluteal hurt you...I always hear the pin slides right in very easily. (I've never pinned though.) Maybe you were off a bit on the site? I've never been "positive" as to where the site is.

    Well, I can't add anything b/c I've never pinned Sorry, wolfe08!

  3. I bet youre glad you took my advise, huh wolfe?

  4. What were you shooting?

  5. haha, yeah thanks stumbo...I'm doing another ventrogluteal in about 10 minutes so I'll let you guys know how this one goes...



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