Superdrol for cutting?

  1. Superdrol for cutting?

    Has anyone used superdrol on a cutting cycle? M4ohn seems to be pretty popular for cutting but I do not have access to any. Im going to start cutting in about a month. I have done a cut before without using any PH's or aas's to combat the catabolism and I'm not doing that again. I lost way too much LBM and strength. I plan on using superdrol and lean extreme. I know superdrol is mainly used for bulking but does anyone know if it would also help keep LBM? Thanks in advance for the advice. Anthony

  2. I did a 6 week SD + M4OHN cutting cycle. I dropped the M4OHN two weeks into it though, so it was primarily a SD cutter I used 20mg/day of SD and 48mg/day of M4OHN.

    The results were very impressive. I went from 215 to 228 on a calorie deficient diet. I was doing 20 minutes of cardio 5x a week as well. Strength was up good as well.

    Overall, the cylce was great. However, SD proved to strong for my cutter and I probably needed to cut calories even further. My bf% dropped and I became more vascular.

    Next cutter will be with M4OHN and M5AA. Lol, but the next bulker with SD and 4AD trans. is gonig to be a monster.

  3. Man. Sounds good. Im probably going to give it a try starting at the beginning of june. I wish I could get my hands on some m4ohn to throw in with the SD. Thanks, Anthony

  4. did m4ohn, boldione, and superdrol for the last 3 weeks gained 5 pounds of muscle and went from a 34 waist to 32....don't know how much bf i lost but i can see allot more definition

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