Test Prop strength gains

  1. Test Prop strength gains

    If using Test prop 100 mg eod how long would it take before you saw any strength gains?

  2. Maybe 10-14 days? Thats not a very high dose of test, but you should probably notice something by the 2 week mark.

  3. 350mg/week is a low dose; but if you can get gains from it use it. i personally started @ 500mg/week

  4. if it's your first cycle, 100 EOD may do ok. in any case, i noticed it kicking in the first week.

  5. 100mg eod of prop isn't that low compared to 500mg of test e because of the difference in ester weights

  6. I notice increased test sides at the end of the first week. Size and strength begins to rise shortly thereafter...like day 10 or 11??


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