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  1. Question T1 Pro Lotion

    Has anyone ever used T1 Pro Lotion? If so how did you like it? Gains? Side effects? etc....

  2. I bought a cycle of it before the ban, I have never taken any prohormones and I keep looking at the stuff wanting to take it but kinda scared to take it. Is 1 cycle a waste? What I gain in strength and size will I lose after the fact?

  3. Great product, the original owner of this board produced it, so there is all kinds of info on it.

  4. Just do a search from a year on back and you will see a ton of cycle threads on it. Good stuff!

  5. T-1Pro ... the only PH that I ever saw good results from. I got a solid 7 lb LEAN weight w/o any sides the summer I used it while eating very lean .

    I never had much hope for anything OTC but this stuff was great . I still managed to save half a bottle ... but since the ban I moved onto real test - just started my cycle last night as a matter of fact.

    But whan I see " T-1 PRO " mentioned I definately have to put in my two cents. That was a great product for me.

  6. Good stuff man... T1pro (or s1+ for that matter) are great to start out on. Well....come to think of it, they'll do just about anybody good.

  7. Great stuff!! My first PH as well. So in preparation of the ban I stocked up on a few hundred grams of 1t and 4ad so I could whip up T1Pro whenever.

  8. T1 Pro was some good ****! Took a couple of weeks to kick in, but it was nice and smooth, with good strength and size gains. I would have kept on using it if not for my MMA/jits classes (1-test in the eye SUCKS!). You could spread it out over 6 weeks, using 3 squirts 2x/day. Get some latex surgical gloves to apply it. Search some of the old threads, lots of good info. Good luck - and make sure you have your PCT setup before you start.


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