Hey guys, I’ve just a few questions about an upcoming cycle I’m going to run. Comments and critiques are welcome, of course. Haven’t really decided on 6 weeks or 7 weeks as of yet.

Weeks 1 and 2 are going to be very low cal/low carb, Week 3 will be ~maintenance, and weeks 4-6/7 will be a caloric surplus.

Weeks 1-2 – 1-test, 400mg ED

Weeks 1-2 – Mdien, 5 mg ED

Weeks 1-2 – Trimax, 3 days at 1 cap, 7 days at 2 caps, 4 days at 1 cap

Weeks 3-6 – 1-test/4AD, 200mg/300mg

Weeks 4-6 – Superdrol – 15mg ED (20mg on WO days, 10mg on off days)

I’m on HRT, and I figured I’d run full-dose HRT weeks 1-2 and week 6. (10g Androgel) and half dose it on weeks 3-5, because of the addition of 4AD.

Basically, just wondering if the 1-test/Mdien will “kick in? fast enough to off-set the catabolic properties of Trimax. I’ve got all the ancilliaries set up (NAC/GXR throughout, with LX to be added in week 3). I figure since I’m on HRT, I’ll go with low dose Rebound XT for PCT, to combat any estrogenic rebound.

Also, is two weeks enough for Trimax? I’m not interested in cutting any longer than 2 weeks, so it’s either use it for 2 weeks, or drop it (and likely drop the Mdien as well). Assume lethargy/cognitive function isn’t a problem…I’ve got about 4 weeks where I’m literally just sitting around post-graduation.

Or, if the whole thing sounds idiotic, feel free to let me know. Always willing to learn.