Canadian guys...

  1. Canadian guys...

    Are you Canadian? ;-)  Now we won't put advertisment here.  Where do you get your ph, test, anti-E etc?  I can get stuff like Tribulus, ZMA, Vitex at the store.  ph and other stuff I used to able to order from the States but things are getting tight and some are not willing to send, which I understand fully. 

    PM me if you have some good advice as to places to get em.  Thanks.

  2. The boys at 1 fast 400 are amazing at sending PH's. Well i live right at border town in canada, so i just got myself a PO box in Michigan and i just get the goods sent there and i just import it over. Easy as that

  3. Check your PM's bro .

  4. is your hookup, the guy is a class act, and is good for shipping to canada.

  5. hey Draven
    whatever you told bigbadboss101
    could you tell me?


  6. Done.

  7. 1fast is about the only one that will send to Canada anymore... Sorry that i got out of it boys.... Talk to ya...
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  8. I can vouch for Mike at 1fast400 as well, as I've ordered ph stuff through him a few times. His service is awesome, as I've never encountered any difficulties getting stuff past customs through him.
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  9. andostenediol

    Over two years ago I had success getting 4-androstenediol-3-17 from a guy in tacoma washington, under elite and jumbomart. Seems to have went out of business. (name Erik) I have some chronic injuries and it worked great, haven't had much use with anything else. If someone knows where or how that is fool proof please pm me. thanks

  10. I'm going to be taking over curts biz withing the next week or so. As soon as i get get all supplies i will start taking orders. You can check with curt2go or chemo about this. Hope to do biz with you bros soon!


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