ECA stack with PH/4AD

  1. ECA stack with PH/4AD

    Since 4AD (When I have used in conjunction with 1-Test) seems to leave water retention and increased body fat, has anyone used an ECA stack or other Thermogenic that has worked to offset the gains of water and fat.


  2. generally with heavy bulking, those things are desired... increased water retention is a good thing when you're putting a much greater stress on your body, joints etc (or else, you know... why take creatine?)... so I say one thing at a time anyway, unless you need a little preworkout boost... no reason to comsume product X for desired benefits over here, and then simultaneously consume product Y to negate the benefits of the other... but this is also the difference between products like T1 and Pro, diff ratios of 1test and 4ad depending on what you want...

  3. probably an anti-e would be better suited for water retention problems, but i would save the anti-e and eca for post cycle unless you feel like you really need it

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