Max amount of 6oxo

  1. Max amount of 6oxo

    As some of you may already have read I am planing on doing a intense cycle and was wonderng what is the maximum amount of 6oxo I can use to recover from a pretty heavy cycle.

    Here's a sample of the cycle:

    1,4 Andro 600 mg day (1-8)
    T1 pro 700 mg wk of 1 test 350 4ad (3-8)
    3 alpha 200 mg day (3-6)

    I was planning on using 3 botltles to recover 6 pillls for 3 weeks then tapering off but if more will help...

  2. There has bee no clinical evidence that dosages higher than 600mg a day produce any more postive benefit than 600mg itself. 600mg a day will be more than enough to recover.

  3. Exactly, nothing yet has pointed to going over 600mg. Thats sounds good, 600mg for 3 weeks then taper down.

  4. Ok it's a plan then.

  5. is 6oxo at that dosage sufficient for post cycle? Was wondering since my post cycle is 6-oxo and zma. Wouldn't mind saving a bit of extra cash if the zma isnt needed.

  6. I just take extra zinc as that's the important thing as far as restoring libido.

  7. I don't take ZMA, not worth the $$$ IMO (even thought it's cheap I know).

  8. I've only been using 300mg a day for almost three weeks. It seems to be working fine. Better than any tribulus product I've used anyway.

  9. Originally posted by jweave23
    I don't take ZMA, not worth the $$$ IMO (even thought it's cheap I know).
    couldnt agree with this more. Not only have i gotten zero positive feedback from using zma, but the sleeps actually gets worse for me. Too many superior post cycle supplements to use zma. Sage

  10. bump on the sleep gettiing *worse* with ZMA! I've never regretted purchasing a supplement more.



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