Dosage chart for your weight for different prohormones?

  1. Dosage chart for your weight for different prohormones?

    Does any one know where i can find a dosage chart that would tell what dosage to take of different prohormones according to weight?

  2. doseage is more dependent on previous androgen experience more than weight. given, a 230lb guy is gonna need more gear to see equal results to what a 150lb guy is going to see on less. but there is no definitive dose/weight relationship. start low and work your way up is the best way to do it.

  3. its hard to say. everyone is different. I try to look at other peoples cycles and weights and take into account how I react to ph.

  4. It really is a matter of the individual. I respond to low doses of anything, and I am all but light, lol.

  5. yea...making a chart for this kinda stuff would be very difficult



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