Best PCT for a sd/m,1,4ad/4ad five weeker

  1. Best PCT for a sd/m,1,4ad/4ad five weeker

    I am looking for some sugestions for pct. I have rebound, nolva, clomid. Was thinking of doing standard nolva,clomid for pct then adding rebound for a few weeks. Not sure if i should add it and if so when. Thanks for any input. I am in week four of the stack with about a fifteen pound weight gain, no bloat, and much leaner.

  2. This has been discussed in great deal in the passed and in fact there is a huge thread on it somewhere. But to sum it up it seemed as though Nolva was the clear winner and that Bobo made some good points on it being pointless to use Nolva and Clomid together. I have used Nolva and it seems to work pretty good for me though I haven't tried Clomid. Tribulus also works very well along with Flax, zinc/magnesium, etc.

  3. i've used all the various PCT protocols (except rxt which i plan to use shortly) and clomid+nolva was by far the best. i go high dose (100mg) for week 1, then 50/25/25 as i am generally back (subjectively) by day 10 and clomid sides can build up on too high a dose for too long.

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