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    After too many rep battles inside too many AM forum topics when a member asked what product to take, this topic should help us all decide what products to give the chance to try and loosen our wallets.

    This topic should be mainly for AM members to post pre and post bloodwork while taking a product or stack of products.

    For discussion about product or bloodwork maybe best that members or reps to open new forum topic then link to a post containing bloodwork here.

    This way we'd avoid fighting/pimping of reps inside this forum topic.

    @Admin can make this topic sticky and/or throw in some rules if he'll add a reply or edit this first post with adding rules.

    Let's hope this topic will be a great addition to this AM community and also help random visitors coming for the 1st time here to get valuable info about product's bloodwork not received on any other public forum online.

  2. @ELROCK - looking forward for you to post your Letrone bloodwork here.

  3. Subbed for the truth
    *Don't message me for sources, I will not respond. Everything I post is fictional and is for entertainment purposes only.*

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    For product questions PM me or email:
    [email protected]

  6. Top notch idea here. I like it.
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  7. Subbed, prove the haters.

  8. Subbed!!! Vampire !!!!!! Want blood!!!!

  9. Great idea.

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  11. cant wait! Moments of truth will finally be unveiled. Great idea

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  13. Good idea.

  14. In!!

  15. Me too.

  16. Subbed

  17. Probably would of been good to post this link in original post:
    But what do I know:
    Cheap Bloodwork - How to Get It WITHOUT Insurance

  18. I dig it!

  19. interesting idea.

  20. Subbed
    GREAT idea.
    Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
    -Steve Jobs

  21. A little background first: I dropped TRT just over a year ago. I dropped it because I am trying to get the wife pregnant. I ran a good PCT, but its been an obvious struggle. I have continued with a PCT type Clomid restart since. My T levels are still not good. The first bloods I was on
    1.Clomid + low dose Formeron (EOD)+ Test boosters
    2. Clomid + Test boosters (no AI ran out of Formeron)
    3. Clomid + Letrone (1 cap ED) + Test booster

    Here are my past 3 Bloodworks:

    Bloodwork 1
    Free T- 10
    E2- 11
    FSH- 0.2

    Bloodwork 2
    Free T-12
    LH- 1.1

    Bloodwork 3
    TT- 397
    Free T- 15
    E2- 14
    LH- 2.4
    FSH -2.0

  22. Interested in seeing how many products/people actually end up in this thread.
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  23. Nice! 11 points is almost 50% drop in E2.

    Ive contacted JackedJack to post his labs as well. Hes got Letrone and Exotherm labs
    Both very solid. Unfortunately hes in the hospital currently so it may be a bit before he can post. I get so many PMs I deleted the PMs with the lab numbers I think but I can try to find in old emails or something.
    Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
    -Steve Jobs

  24. Solid results for Letrone. Your free testosterone... eh, not great... but you probably know that.

  25. BTW, I'd suggest people post their old blood work as well, just copy and paste from old threads.


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