finally finished a 3 week SD cycle..

  1. finally finished a 3 week SD cycle..

    After having stopped at day 17 of an earlier superdrol 3 week cycle due to sickness I can now report a successfull one. Im 39 years old, 4 years ph only experience. Im 5 6' started at 162, 12% bf. Gained 10 lb and went up to 14% bf. I used SD only at 20mg a day split 12 hours with grapefriut juice. Cals were only about 400-600 above maintenance. No liver protection while on. 5-7 grams taurine a day. Last cycle with only potassium had severe back cramps about 12-13 days in. Only very mild this time and did not effect training. No other sides other than maybe slight lethargy. Training was a double split hypertrophy style. Strength gains were decent but nothing too impressive. Only complaint was I looked a tad lumpy in places like certain parts of bodies were flat while others more vascular. Only mistake I think I made was not drinking enough water. Even though I thought it was enough my urine was a bit dark at times. Im now 6 days into pct and using some milk thistle/nac. I plan to cut next in a couple of months with a trans 1test/4AD/4OHT and either MDHT or M5. I've read many SD logs here but wonder if anyone could suggest the best way to pct now. I have tamox citrate which Im 6 days into at 60mg and not quite sure how much or how to taper from this current cycle as I've never done a 3 weeker. I know SD is not as suppresive but I plan on going 4-6 with next cycle and I know the 1test will fry the boys. Any input on the best taper?

    Im overall very pleased with SD and wish I had bought more even though I know it's still out there. Looks like I stocked up too heavy on other things. 6 days post cycle now and I've lost about 1 1/2 pounds but my strength keeps going up. Cheers!

  2. I haven't used my SD yet, so I won't comment on pct.

    ... but any chance you took cholesterol readings? Just curious. Thanks.

  3. Good cycle bro

    That lb is probably water. You will not loose more if u eat right

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