test base trans and var

  1. test base trans and var

    hey everyone this is my first post but ive been reaserching on here for a few months now and i decided to do a test base dermal made from a synovex conversion and i have 2 bottles of QV anavar. the syno is desolving as we speak. my question is can anyone point me in the right direction for dosing both the trans and var any input would be apriciated.


    23 yrs old
    1st cycle
    200 lbs 15% bf
    2 yrs trainning
    bench 295lbs
    looking to gain 10-15 lbs of lean and ad strength

  2. Together should result in quality muscle gain. Typical oxandrolone dosage will be 40-50mg daily. With the test, try to arrange it so you will get 75mg daily.

  3. just be careful with the syno conversion and the estradiol

  4. I'd go with absorbing about 75mg of test a day and go with 40mg on the var. It should be a nice cycle bro.

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