nu-1 nutrex ?

  1. nu-1 nutrex ?

    Does this stack work ?
    What do you think about it. What kind of ph-1 is the best. I can only buy on I'm from Poland.

  2. Well, if you can only buy from netrition I would go with 1ad from Ergopharm and probably 4ad ethergels from Molecular Nutrition.
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  3. bump on pogues post...1ad has had awesome feedback. i have not heard much about 4ad ethergels from molecular nutrition but they are a reputable company

    i have also heard great stuff about 1-tu also, but it gets expensive. if money isn't a factor, i'd go with the 1-tu in my opinion, but consider taking like

    300mg a day...thats 6 ethergels.

    so you need a bottle for every 10 days on...yep expensive.
  4. Nelson
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    I agree with mauibuilt.
    The 1-TU gave me better results than the 1-AD.
    I started with 3 a day & worked up to 6 a day.
    I also used Ergopharms 4-AD transdermal which you can buy at Netrition.
    A 4 week cycle will be very pricey.

  5. patrol check your pm

  6. what is pm

  7. private messages, click on "user cp" on the top left of this page
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