Advise about oils please

  1. Advise about oils please

    ive run out of usp grade oils but need to make up some prop pronto(to finnish my cycle).Ive ordered more but theres been a mix up and its taking too long.Im thinking of buying some grapeseed oil or cottonseed from an aromatherapy supplier(who`ll ship next day),sterilising it myself in the oven,cooling it down in ice quickly,then filtering it before doing the conversion.Does this sound o.k peeps??

    Please desperate.

  2. Don't need to cool it in ice, keep it warm during filtering and it will be much better..

  3. Thanks bro.Im not too familiar with sterilising oils tbh,but after doing a bit of reading on line.....i was gonna do what i read on a chemistry site first(which was take the oil to 120 deg for 60 mins,filter and cool rapidly),then go ahead with the conversion.
    So you think theres no need to pre-sterilise and filter it first, then again later when i make the prop??Just do it once yeah??
    Thanks for your time dude

  4. make the oil, then do the conversion...

  5. You don't have to sterilize the oil just get pure grapeseed from the grocery store, you'll be fine.

  6. even though it is pure, it still needs to be sterilized...


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