HCG question

  1. HCG question

    how much HCG would I need for to use during a 12 week test e cycle...I'm confused on the dosaging...I found a guy who sells 5000iu for $40 each or 10 unites for $360...how much will I need...? or I found another place 1 amp (5000iu) for $28...

  2. 28 vs 40 dollars, thats not hard. how much research have you done?

    At any rate the starting dose for HCG is 250iu twice a week, that is 500iu s a week. that should be fine for a 12 week test cycle. if you don't want to get 2 amps then start it at week 5. For more info on HCG go here : http://www.chemicalfitness.com/forum...07&postcount=5

  3. Skye's reccomendation looks good. Thats what i use.

  4. 40 bucks is a bit of a ripoff, but i've seen worse. 28 is a little better. starting at week 5, running 250iu's 2X a week is good throughout the cycle, like skye said.

  5. That seems to be the standard recommendation for HCG use.

    Could anyone tell me, however, why it varies so much from the following recommended use=
    And what brought about the change in theory?

  6. i believe because higher doses are too supressive to natural testostrone.
    It is best to cruise all the way through with Swales' (250iu x 2 times a week) - to prevent any athrophy in the first place, rather than using HCG just to 'bring your balls back'.
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