1. Phosphophatidylcholine

    got my phosphophatidylcholine today (30mL 100mg/mL) from TLR. Problem is it is not really liquid, it is like jello (not a solid). I can't find what to dilute it with, and what concetration i need to make it. Anyone use this before or have an idea. It's gonna be hell to get out of that vial i bet.

  2. It sounds like it may be in a PEG suspension. You may want to try and warm it up a bit and see what happens.

  3. TheGame, why don't you just go ahead an post this in EVERY forum.

    I'll tell you man, that is not the way to get responses, it's a way to get repremanded.

    I think you're the first one out there pinning this stuff anyway.

  4. Amen ChemicalD. I've seen this same post eleventy thousand times.

  5. Um, you're definitely not the first one pinning this. I ordered the same thing and had the same "problem". I personally baked it like anything else and it's stayed liquid ever since, which was about 2 weeks ago. It shouldn't affect it at all and got the same feedback from the supplier after I did it.

    I tried to dissolve the size of some lipomas I have but to no avail so far. I've done two injections in some at about .1cc. I did notice a few signs and symptoms but no reduction unfortunately.

  6. Is it a dumb question to ask what does injected phosphophatidylcholine do that can't be gotten from taking Oral Lecithin?


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