What would happen with clomid CONCURRENT with cycle?

  1. What would happen with clomid CONCURRENT with cycle?

    Let me be very clear up front: I'm not asking because it's something I would intend to do so don't jump on me from that aspect. I'm asking because I want to develop a better understanding of how clomid works in the body by looking at hypothetical effects.

    Suppose I were to run a cycle of AAS (such as SD) and instead of waiting until the end to incorporate clomid, what if I ran clomid daily ALONG WITH the cycle itself? What would happen if, instead of SD, one were to use an AAS that caused a more intense shutdown and I ran clomid concurrently?

  2. some people believe and have reported anecdotally that clomid at 50mg eod acts like HCG insofar as it keeps your boys alive .. this does not make theoretical sense, but that's what's been reported

    it may help to control bloat in the manner that nolva would, although an AI like adex, letro, or aromasin would be superior

    basically there is no need to run clomid during cycle at all ... unless you like the clomid sides lol

  3. it will act as a piss poor anti=e, thats all

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