Patrick Arnold's 6-OXO study -

Patrick Arnold's 6-OXO study

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    Patrick Arnold's 6-OXO study

    Does anyone have a link to the complete version of his 6-OXO study in which he demonstrated that it increased natural free test levels? I found this:

    but I was wondering if there was anything more detailed out there.

    Also has anyone tried running a 6-OXO only cycle? I did a search and didn't find anything.

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    wahoo my first post! (I spent hours upon hours reading the threads on here lol, i love this site)

    I know on, they have a few (1 or 2 maybe) people who tried running 6-oxo orally. The one was at like 600mg a day orally.

    He said that he didn't feel anything weeks into the cycle, something about gaining weight, but no strength increases or anything like that.

    I will try to find the link there tomorrow and post it.

    Good Day!

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