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  1. T3/Clen Dose

    I am 6'1" 215 about 14% bf and looking to get down to about 10%. I want to run a T3/Clen cycle with 4 weeks M1T. I am planning on 5 week's of T3 getting up to 125mcg and back down. My question is how high can I go with the Clen and should I run the clen at my max dosage of T3 or should I run it at the beginning and after my T3. I am going to keep calories around 2100. I know I will probably lose some muscle even with the M1T but I would like to see my abs again before summer. Thanks for the help.

  2. Id go with 5 weeks of M 1T, If your planning on 5 weeks of T3. Toxicity and shutdown wont be much worse for 5 compared to 4. I would want an androgen when running t3 at all times. IMO, anything over 75mcg of t3 is really overkill. If you are 14% BF, abs should really be close to showing, although blurred. 120mcgs of clen is plenty as well. The t3 and clen will help, but the main point is going to be your diet.

  3. yeah, prolangtum covered it pretty well, for the clen, just run it from week 3 to week 5, start at 20 mcg for 2 days, 40 for 2, 60 for 2, 80 for 2, then 100 for 2, and 120 for 2, thats a slow build up btw, if u feel comfortable, u can jump a bit quicker and go from 20 to 60 mcg, then to 100 mcg etc and as soon as u reach a dose of 120 mcg, stay constant there , then take a few days to bring down the dose, like 80 mcg for 2 days, then 40 for 2 and then 20 for 2 or 3 days, but the tapering up and down depends on u, the staying constant at the right dose is where u lose the fat, the tapering is just to keep u away from the shock of using a strong simulant..

  4. Ok thanks for the feedback. So you think I should take the clen starting on week 3 of 5? I thought it would be good to have the clen and T3 running at max dosage at the same time. This will be my first run with T3 however so maybe thats not a good idea. As for M1T, I'll take your word on the toxicity and do a full 5 weeks I'm psyched to see how this goes and my diet is definitely in check. I can see the top part of my abs but none of the bottom. Damn tummy!! OK thanks again for the help.

  5. mikebu, just be advised that m1t will raise your bp and that combined w/ t3/clen you will really need to keep an eye on your bp. if it wre me i wouldn't combine those 3.

  6. keep an eye on the bp but i wouldnt worry about it, definitely to an extent where i'm not doing the cycle becos of the bp worry...

    anyway, yeah it is a good idea to be on both clen and t3 when ure running both at their highest doses... say 100 mcg t3 and 120 mcg clen would be a good place to be , u can plan it out like that, like i said, plan out ur taper up and make sure ure using the highest dose when ure using the highest clen dose, and then taper down slow for both clen and t3 .

  7. Ok sounds good. So 125mcg of T3 is overkill? I attached a text document with my dosages. I keep an excel sheet so I dont forget where I am at but apparently you can't attach them? Let me know how it looks.
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  8. looks ok, just dont forget to taper down clen, uve not written that in the doc.

  9. It is widely believed now that tapering down clen isn't really necessarry. Taper up to the desired dose and run it through if you want. Keep the diet clean, and not too much of a caloric deficit. The idea of 5 weeks of M1T (esp. with clen) still makes me want to kill myself, but I know many people who think it's no prob. Check out Iron Addicts some time. Those guys think anything short of 6 weeks @30-40mg/day on M1T is puss!

  10. Mike ;

    Is the T3 liquid or tabs ? I just ordered liquid from Liquachem, I see some guys start as low as 12.5 mcgs and wondering how they are measuring out such a low dose with liquid ?

  11. I was under the impression Clen didn't need to be tapered down. I've used it before with no taper and never had a problem. I'll still be on T3 so I can't imagine rebound would have any effect? The T3 is liquid from IBE labs and its 100mcg per ml so it shouldn't be to hard to measure out. Calories will be near maitenance, I always lean out with M1T above maitenance so that should work.

  12. I just ordered some T3 to run with clen but still real hesitant because of the muscle loss I'm hearing about in some threads. The only thing I have right now to run it with would be some d-bol but don't want to use that since it really cripples me at 50 mgs and only relief where I'm functional on it is about 20-25mgs which I hear is too low do do anything anyway ... the low back pain at 50 has me out-of-action ... barely get at all around like I have two steel posts inserted along my spine ... and can't be that way this time of year as I'm way too busy. I was planning my first injectable cycle this spring of TE and EQ but decided against it because I just can't risk having this shipped to my house.

    I've never used T3 but have gotten desperate to try something new since I'm at about 14% BF and cannot get it to drop despite morning cardio, diet changes , etc. I never lost site of my abs even at my high which was 15 % , but I never had problems getting to 12% w/o cardio and some minor diet tweaks. But it's much harder this time but still want to try and be below 12% this summer.

    So , is running T3 without an androgen something I'll regret and absolutely should forget about ?? I'm 190 at 5'6" now at 13.5 - 14% bf. At a real low dose how much muscle can I lose ? Over all I look fine and I'm not enetering a contest , but that loose **** around the navel and low back drives me nuts ...

    I didn't mean to try and hijack this thread , just looking for some good advise in a thread already started on the subject by those experianced with it .

    So should it be T3 / clen ... or liposuction, LOL ??


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