Anavar Lab Testing / Quality

  1. Anavar Lab Testing / Quality

    I am in the middle of a BTG anavar cycle. Good results thus far. My best friend now wants to start an anavar cycle after seeing my results. I no longer have the hook up for BTG tabs so we have been researching what his best plan might be...

    It seems like Loeffler and Denkall (5MG tabs) seem to be the best alternatives to BTG. Would everyone agree? Any preference?

    We plan on sending in the gear for lab testing once it arrives to make certain it is proper. I will make certain to post the results on the forum. Here are my questions...

    Would 1 mg of BTG oxandrolone be more effective than 1 mg of the above brands or is oxandrolone simply oxandrolone no matter who produces it? Next question. Is it possible that any other substances (harmful or benign---besides oxandrolone) might be contained in the above brands that would not be in BTG tabs? Should I ask the labs to test the entire composition of the tablets, or would this be overkill and unneeded?


  2. Oxandrolone = oxandrolone.

    Loeffler has been tested and came back relatively close to 5mg but a little under.

  3. How much have you been running, what do you weigh, and what have your results been as far as strength/weight/bodyfat loss?

  4. I remembered seeing that the QV var tabs tested out above label claims. This is when they first came out I'm not too sure about the latest batches. But from everyone that I've talked too, etc. they said they liked them.

  5. I have been running it for 3 weeks and have gone from 180 lbs to 187 lbs with no visible increase in body fat. I am doing 40 MG ED as well as Test Prop 50 MG EOD. Definite increase in strength. This is my first cycle of any type and I am quite pleased thus far. I am eating a clean bulk diet and have upped my food intake. Previously, I did zero cardio. Since I have started the cycle I am doing HIIT sprinting 3 times a week to balance out the extra fat / calories I am taking in. Maybe I would have gained a few more lbs if I were not doing cardio, but I did not want to gain any bodyfat while on the cycle. I plan on running Clomid 50 MG ED for 3 weeks when I am done.

    Thanks for the replies.

  6. TEst and anavar is a great cycle. It gives mild clean gains.

  7. Thanks for the replies.


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